Protect What You Love!

Whether you are on the road, live on stage or rocking in your garage, the sensitive display of your beloved music gear should always be completely protected.

That’s why we developed SKEEN, a special protective glass especially for music equipment.

SKEEN is made of real glass but it’s flexible, ultra-thin and super light. It can be attached to your display easily without any bubbles appearing and the quality of the images on your screen remains razor-sharp.

Scratches, dirt, fingerprints or stage diving? No problem! With SKEEN, your display will look great, no matter how tough your rock’n roll lifestyle may be.

Protect your music equipment because you love it and benefit from its value retention.

SKEEN Features


scratch resistant hardness


thinner, lighter, more flexible


oleophobic coating


crystal clear and razor sharp


easy and bubble free mounting

Made in Germany

high quality standards

Clients & Testimonials

Matthias Degener

“Protect what you love!” – and yes, I do love my gear very much, so thank you SKEEN for the products.

Alex Williams

Perfect to keep your gear protected while you’re traveling to gigs and such!

Rupert Keplinger

Thanks to SKEEN for creating such a useful thing: A screen protector for music gear! Fits perfectly on my Quad Cortex!