For musicians by musicians

Do you wish to sell your music gear? Does it still look great but the display is completely scratched? Or, do you wish to buy used music equipment, with a display that has been through a fair bit of excitement?

When you are on the road, do you wish to travel, without having to worry about your beloved music equipment all the time? Have you encountered situations like this before?

We had similar experiences with a lot of different music gear and therefore we developed SKEEN, a special screen protection for music equipment.

SKEEN will protect the display of your music gear from all external influences like a second skin. This is how “skin” and “screen” became our SKEEN protective glass.

SKEEN was born from a small idea and is now touring around the globe. We send SKEEN to musicians worldwide and we still believe in our motto:

Protect What You Love!

Technical description

The SKEEN protective glass is a real glass and plastic composite material that does not splinter or break. It is cut to fit the display and made in Germany. The display is optimally protected from dust, scratches and rock’n’roll.

SKEEN does not break on the display, especially not in the corners and at the edge. Thanks to its rigidity and the integrated stabilization layer, it can be attached very well, but its basic structure remains flexible. SKEEN offers a shock-absorbing layer and a 9H hardness at 750g pressure and creates a very high scratch resistance. The dirt repellent surface coating provides the anti-fingerprint effect and the unique antistatic coating reduces dust inclusions during the application and thus guarantees a clear view of the display. A residue-free removal is possible at any time, even after prolonged use.


SKEEN is a special protective glass that has the strong scratch protection and the strength of hard glass but is much more flexible. This makes it less fragile and impossible to splinter.


Our flexible and protective SKEEN glass has the properties of tempered glass, but is much thinner and lighter. SKEEN is hardly noticeable and looks subtle and elegant.


SKEEN has an additional anti-fingerprint coating, so that dirt and fingerprints on your display can be wiped away easily. No matter where you are.


The ultra-thin SKEEN protective glass offers you a unique touchscreen sensitivity. The content of your display remains crystal-clear and razor-sharp.

No matter what happens backstage: you can keep track!


Due to its special adhesive layer, SKEEN lies lightly and bubble-free on your display and can be removed again without leaving any residue.

Our protective glass is cut a little bit smaller than the display to ensure an optimal fit. We also consider other things, such as built-in displays or rounded edges.

Made in Germany

Quality standards and the best manufacturing quality from Germany..

We offer high quality standards, 10 years of know-how from our material supplier and the best manufacturing quality through the development of our product. That’s why we can guarantee our perfect fit.